Windows 10 UWP App templates for Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft has now released the UWP App Design Templates for Adobe Photoshop.

What does this mean?

Say you are a designer or a developer who wants to get their dirty on the design side [Pun Intended], can now make use of this design template and create stunning designs. It is said that, in order to build something good, you need to first have a rough design as it gives the idea of what exactly needs to be done. Even helps in order to work out the flow required between the pages. This was generally done either using Pen & Paper or on a Drawing Board. Nowadays, we have the designers who try and create these designs or rather Wireframes. But the problem was that for every  segment they have to go and create a duplicate of all the controls like Buttons, Textbox etc. As a practise, every developer tries and creates some control templates from where they can be taken and used.

Earlier, these templates were only available for Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Illustrator. Now Microsoft has released the template for Adobe Photoshop as well. It seems to have happened because of the feedback provided during the Build 2015 Event. For more information, please visit this link.

Download the UWP App Design Templates for Adobe Photoshop

Controls - 1

Controls – 1

Controls - 2

Controls – 2








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