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Messaging Center
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Did you know that the concept of MessagingCenter is seen everywhere even in our daily life? Before moving into this, I would recommend reading this Documentation on MessagingCenter.

MessagingCenter primarily consist of Publisher and Subscriber.
Publisher’s job is to keep on publishing messages.
Subscriber’s job is to subscribe to specific messages and perform some action whenever a desired message is published.

Let’s look at this mechanism and how we see it in our daily life…
Think of it in this way, you as a user of Mobile Phones, are always subscribed to the Notifications that are delivered to your device. A notification sound is like a message which triggers you to check your Phone. It’s like your Device is communicating with you through a specific Sound. For example, if the sound is that of your ring-tone you will always check your Phone for Incoming Calls. In this scenario, your Phone is the Publisher and you are the Subscriber.

Not just this, you are given a Name by Birth and whenever even in the crowd you hear your name even though there are people discussing someone else you immediately react to it. It’s like you are inherently Subscribed to your Name and anything followed through as arguments to the action that needs to be performed.

I believe this was just a simple explanation that popped up in my mind while explaining to a friend of mine.

Happy Coding!!!

Anubhav Ranjan

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