Trying Xamarin.Forms Entry Renderer for Corner Radius

I am always amazed by the capability of Xamarin.Forms Custom Renderer. I wanted to try something and thought of extending the Entry Custom Renderer for Windows Phone App initially to try and provide Corner Radius for Textbox.

If you are a Windows Phone developer, then you already know the complexities. Generally, the TextBox element in Windows Phone, doesn’t have the property of CornerRadius. Corner Radius, generally provides the Curved borders, which in this case would provide for the Textbox control. Anyways, in order to provide a separate border, we generally have to nest the TextBox inside a Border element to provide the Corner Radius.

<Border Margin="5" Padding="5" BorderThickness="1" BorderBrush="Red" Background="AntiqueWhite" CornerRadius="10">
    <TextBlock Text="Lorem ipsum"/>

Now I have tried to achieve somewhat same in Xamarin.Forms using Custom Renderers for Windows Phone.
The code is currently checked-in here.

Happy Coding!

Anubhav Ranjan

Anubhav Ranjan

MVP - Windows Platform Development at Microsoft

Anubhav is a Program Freak who loves coding and currently works as a Consultant at Xamarin. He is very much passionate about Coding and solving complex problems. Believes in the motto "Eat, Drink...Code" from Windows AppFest 2012. He loves to work and develop on Microsoft technologies including Web Apps, Windows Phone Apps and Windows Store Apps.

He is an active member of the BDotnet(Bangalore .NET) User Group and Speaker/Member of XHackers - A Community for Cross-Platform App Development.
Anubhav Ranjan

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