Speech To Text in Android using Xamarin

On this fine day of Teacher’s Day, my mentor from Aditi asked me if I know any samples on creating a simple app for Speech to Text recognition in Android. I searched on the net but did not find much result. So then I thought, why not I create a sample, push it in Git and send him the link.

So after an hour the sample was done and pushed to Git. Xamarin allows the use of Android APIs to be utilized in a very easy way.

In just few lines of code I was able to use the RecognizerIntent to launch an activity that will prompt the user for speech and send it through a speech recognizer. The results will be returned via activity results in the event handler OnActivityResult.

The sample can be downloaded and used as is from here.

Anubhav Ranjan

Anubhav Ranjan

MVP - Windows Platform Development at Microsoft

Anubhav is a Program Freak who loves coding and currently works as a Consultant at Xamarin. He is very much passionate about Coding and solving complex problems. Believes in the motto "Eat, Drink...Code" from Windows AppFest 2012. He loves to work and develop on Microsoft technologies including Web Apps, Windows Phone Apps and Windows Store Apps.

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Anubhav Ranjan

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  2. Hello, can we do video voice to text convert with this method ? i want to learn, can we convert to video sound speech to text ? so our sound source for speech to text, can be a video or wav file ?

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